About Us

Inky's was the first shop to carry a freestyle scooter in San Diego and I would argue the United States.  In the late 1990s we received a shipment of 5 foldable Razor scooters by mistake.  At that time we were selling a regular 12" wheeled scooter, like the dirt scooter, from Torker and before that was GT and before that was JT Bilt company.  The foldable Razor sold for $179.99 and came with black wheels only.  It took months to sell the first one.  We sold them to bmx racers who rode the scooters in the pits.  After that, the scooters sold like crazy.  The maker of the Razor started calling it the JD Bugg makeing wheels in all different colors and then light up wheels came next.  We were selling so many that they had to limit us to how many we could buy.  After hundereds of scooters sold for the Christmas of 2000 the scooter craze died.  The price dropped for the foldable Razor when Big Lots had them for $20!  We stopped carring scooters until 2010-2011 when Madd Gear was the scooter to have.  We started seeing the kids coming into the shop to fix their headsets and to buy grips.  We put out a comment on our Facebook asking if we should carry scooters and the response was actually crazy.  We had our BMX customers calling us traders.  We had parents begging us to carry them, saying that there was no one else to fix their scooters or buy parts from.  That the other shops were not fixing their scooters correctly.  We had more people saying yes than no and we knew we needed to help our community.  We brought in Madd Gear and became one of their biggest dealers.  Then other brands followed.  Transforming us to the scooter shop we are today.  We are here to support the locals and now the country with quality scooters, parts and service. Does this mean we are the oldest scooter shop?  I don't know but we thank you for your support of our shop and continued patronage.